Courses for adults
Our school offers Karate classes for adults at all levels, from beginner to competitive. In our gym in Milan it is also possible to attend karate classes for self-defence. Personal training with private lessons is available. Thanks to the founding principles of this martial art, Karate also represents an excellent way to train company personnel.
Competitive athletes

Competitive athletes

Competition, while not the ultimate goal, however, represents an important (but not obligatory) step for the growth of a Karateka.

Competing in fact forges physical stamina and psychic resilience.

The objective of this course, in addition to those already mentioned, is participation in corporate and national competitions.

Nikamon - Amateurs and competitive Karate


Acri and Cardinale Sensei teach in national and international internships, deepening aspects of the technique especially as regards kihon and kata
Nikamon - Karate for children and teenagers

Private lessons

Individual lessons are available for students who have special needs or cannot attend group lessons during the standard lessons time, allowing maximum flexibility and guaranteeing a very high level of customization.

Teachers prepare an individual path calibrated for each student and follow it carefully, evaluating progress, allowing them to reach the set goals.


Self defence

A mental and physical self-defense course is a path of personal growth and development focused on the ability to face the difficulties of our life.
Recognizing the signs and reading the context is the first step to practice being aware of our potential.
Recognizing psychological aggressions before verbal and physical ones is essential for everyone to prevent and prepare for any situation.
Increasing the perception of our body, improving our posture and our balance, practicing mental / physical neuro-coordination exercises will allow practitioners to use their psychic and physical abilities to the best of their ability.
This is the way to increase our self-confidence and increase our self-esteem.
Those who feel confident in their possibilities are more likely to face any aggression, are better able to manage relationships with others and obtain greater consensus in interpersonal relationships.
The mental and physical self-defense course aims to enable participants to experience uncomfortable situations, manage stress and anxiety by testing their mental and physical limits.
A mental preparation, for verbal prevention and defense, and a targeted physical preparation that uses the most effective techniques of Japanese martial arts.
You will learn self-defense techniques to be used in various situations, simple and easy to apply as well as to recognize emotional stress and learn to manage it.
The goal of the course is to learn the ability to consciously react to unpleasant and dangerous events by being comfortable with yourself.
Individual and group courses open to all, of increasing level and according to the preparation of each participant.
Nikamon - Karate for children and teenagers

Corporate courses

With the long experience gained in combat sports and in years of corporate training at all levels, we are at your disposal to build, on the actual needs of companies, specific mental and physical self-defense or martial arts courses aimed at both the entire population. corporate and particular Gender projects.
These courses can be organized as training courses aimed at the various areas of business improvement and can be structured both within the companies themselves and externally.
In general, the objectives of the courses, in addition to the specific declared ones, are to strengthen the team spirit and make the working group work better and together without barriers between the members that compose it.
The training projects are based on the metaphor of Japanese martial arts through the theory and practice of some physical self-defense exercises.
Participants will challenge themselves with a new and out of the “standard” activity, practicing trust and respect for their training partners.
By training the emotional aspects of contact work, they will be able to put into practice the fundamental principles of martial arts.
This work will allow participants to become aware of their physical and emotional limits and, with the help of their training partners, they will work on these to face and overcome them, creating a stronger and lasting bond between the members of the group.
Nikamon - Karate for children and teenagers

Karate online

A virtual “dojo” that brings together participants from all over the world, with lessons imparted by Masters Alessandro Cardinale and Pasquale Acri. Two meetings per week, including access to a reserved area offering integral videos of past lessons.
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