About us

The Nikamon Sports Association is a Karate school jointly founded in November 1995 by Alessandro Cardinale and Pasquale Acri, two athletes who share to this day the teachings of Masters Hiroshi Shirai and Carlo Fugazza.
After a common curriculum crowned by 5 European and 3 World titles, they have now decided to start a school aimed at spreading further the teachings of this martial art.

What Karate is

Karate is not just a sporting activity; Karate is an Art which involves the participant in many different ways.
The Nikamon Karate School is not just a gym where you can help your body to grow, but a “dojo” ((a place (jō), where you follow the path (dō)) where you can reinforce the spirit and rediscover values ​​such as sincerity, respect and self-control.

Nikamon Karate Milano - Maestro Shirai
Nikamon Karate Milano - Maestro Fugazza

The Art of Karate

Despite the great diffusion during the last few decades, the formative potential of Karate has not yet been fully understood. Karate-Do – the ‘way of Karate’ – does not just mean physical body action: it represents a true artistic expression of the body which, as is the case for other forms of art, becomes a means for spiritual improvement.
The acquisition of technical aspects and the enthusiasm resulting from its practice, are the driving forces of this art, which can lead a participant to a high level of self-awareness and contentment.

Competitive Karate

Karate is also a competitive sport, but this it is not an end in itself: it also represents a means.
Competition is only one aspect of training, and in this lies the main difference from other sports.
Even above the sporting results, for the athlete are important personal growth and improvement through constant practice, which can last a lifetime. The philosophy of martial arts calls this concept “Mu Gen Do”, literally: “The infinite way”. Even at the advanced levels, there are even higher levels to be achieved. There is no level at which one’s skill or understanding is complete.


This is a very important Japanese expression in Karate language which emphasizes the important relationship between shin (spirit-heart-mind), gi (technique), and tai (body). The union and the interaction of these three human qualities are what leads to a “complete person”.


Shotokan is the traditional Karate style. It was introduced by Master Funakoshi and spread throughout Japan starting in 1921, when the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito was fascinated by the Master’s techniques.
Even today it is the most practiced style and is characterized by low, stable, and strong positions.
The name Shotokan comes from “Shoto”, the pen-name which Funakoshi used as a young man to sign his poems.

Nikamon Karate Milano - Allenamento