Courses for children and teenagers
Through the practice of karate, boys and girls, be they children or teenagers, acquire and develop to develop responsiveness and coordination in the use of their body, and to focus attention and stay focused. The objective is to train the body together with the mind and the spirit. In our gym in Milan we offer Karate courses for children from 4 years of age, with the possibility of attending two trial lessons for free.

Karate is not simply an art of fighting, and the doubt that it is a sport that is somehow violent and dangerous is completely unfounded. Our pupils male and female  learn that “Karate never attacks first” and to act wisely.

Nikamon - Courses for children and teenagers

Children 4/5 years

A game is what the first steps in the world of Karate are for children of this age. An amusing way to start learning the basics of the art. 

Thanks to coordination, balance and body orientation exercises in space, children develop coordination and responsiveness. 

Nikamon - Courses for children and teenagers

Children 6/10 years

Children learn to use and control their body, to focus attention and to stay focused. 

Karate not only improves the ability to move but is also a good educational instrument to improve self-awareness and self-esteem, to reconcile the individual with the group and to teach him respect for other people.

Nikamon - Courses for children and teenagers

Children 11/14 years

For this age group there is a more mature practice of karate, to the benefit of physical development (all muscles are involved) and the development of the  mind (concentration and self-confidence). 

Karate also becomes a means to achieve personal growth in the way of self-awareness (acceptance and control of one’s limits) and of sociability (acceptance of other people).

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It is possible to try our courses by attending two free lessons. Contact us and we will fix the dates for you.